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Octagon 4D+ Dinosaur Cards - Augmented Reality, Educational Toy

Octagon 4D+ Dinosaur Cards - Augmented Reality, Educational Toy

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Bring Dinosaurs back to life with these amazing 4D Dinosaur Cards! 

These interactive, educational cards unlock an amazing world of stunning animations, thrilling audio, and fascinating facts about some of the most iconic dinosaurs that ever roamed the earth.

Simply point your smartphone or tablet at the card, and watch as the 4D+ technology brings the dinosaur to life right before your eyes! With over 20 different species included, these cards offer hours of educational entertainment for all ages, from young children to lifelong learners. 

For curious kids: Octagon4D Dinosaur Cards 4D provide hours of educational fun for children ages 3 and up. With these cards, your little one can explore the world of dinosaurs in an exciting way. Through interactive play, they'll learn about different species and get to know the unique features of each one.

Vibrant illustrations: Each card features stunningly detailed illustrations that bring the prehistoric creatures to life. Whether it's the T-Rex or Triceratops, your child will be captivated by the realistic visuals. The vibrant colors will draw their attention and make learning enjoyable.

Interactive experience: The cards come with a special ViewMaster system that allows kids to see 3D images of each dinosaur and learn even more about them. It also has a quiz mode that encourages children to test their knowledge and have fun at the same time!

Wide selection: With this set of cards, you get over 40 different species of dinosaurs for your child to explore. From raptors to Pterodactyls, there's something for everyone! Plus, they all come in a sturdy box so you won't have to worry about losing any pieces.

Encourages development: Playing with these cards helps build your child's imagination and enhances their problem solving skills as they figure out which dinosaur is which. It also promotes reading comprehension as they read up on each creature's characteristics and behavior patterns.

Whether exploring the world of the mighty T-Rex or discovering the secrets of the Velociraptor, these cards will transport you back in time to the prehistoric era, where you can witness these incredible creatures in all their glory.

A perfect gift for any dinosaur lover or aspiring paleontologist, Octagon4D Dinosaur Cards 4D+ are the ultimate way to blend technology and learning, while experiencing the wonders of the past like never before!

Simply download the free app, point the camera at the flash card and explore!

App Details

Platform : iOS | Android
Age : 4+
App Size : 246.3 MB (iOS) | 83 MB (Android)
Min OS : iOS 7.0 | Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Languages : Multi-language - English (US), English (UK), Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Persian, French, Spanish, German, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Dutch

How To Use

1. Download Dinosaur 4D+ App from the App Store and Play Store
2. Open the app
3. Scan the registration card and enter the serial number

Shipping Info

Average delivery time: 1-2 days.
UPS, Express Delivery. Tracked and signed for.

Return & Refund Policy

All orders come with 30-days returns.
Refer to return policy for more details

About Condition

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Technical Spec

Language : Multi-language.
Cards : 21 pieces ( 20 Dinosaur Cards + 1 Instructions Card)
Weight : 90 grams | 0.19 lbs
Dimension : 11.7 cm x 7.2 cm x 1.1 cm | 4.6 inch x 2.8 inch x 0.4 inch Paper Finish: Durable Thick Art Paper (Doff Laminated)


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