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Hyundai Micro SDXC Memory Card

Hyundai Micro SDXC Memory Card

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Upgrade your digital storage with Hyundai's wide range of memory storage card! 

Choose between 64GB, 128GB or a whooping 256GB storage capacity, you can now capture, store and access all your files, photos, and videos in just one go. This tiny piece of powerful storage device is the perfect partner for your smartphone or tablet, keeping your memories safe and sound

High Capacity Storage: The Hyundai Micro SDXC Card Memory Storage Card provides a wide range of storage options. Choose from 64GB, 128GB or 256GB of storage space, allowing users to store large amounts of photos, videos, music, and documents in one convenient place. It's perfect for those who need a lot of space on the go.

Secure Data Protection: The Hyundai Micro SDXC Card Memory Storage Card comes preloaded with a write protection switch that helps keep your files safe from accidental deletions or corruption.

Durable Design: With its durable metal casing, this card is designed to stand up against everyday use and extreme temperatures. It also has water-resistant and shockproof properties so you can trust that your data is safe.

Fast Transfer Speeds: With its high read/write speeds of up to 80MB/s and 50MB/s respectively, users can transfer their files quickly without any lag or hiccups in performance.

Compatibility: This memory card is compatible with most phones, tablets, cameras, and laptops which makes it a great option for anyone with multiple devices.


Upgrade your device's storage capacity today with the Hyundai Micro SDXC Card Memory Storage Card, and never miss a moment again!

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