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Huawei K4203 Mobile Broadband Dongle - Unlocked

Huawei K4203 Mobile Broadband Dongle - Unlocked

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Experience lightning-fast internet speeds on the go with Vodafone's K4203 Mobile Broadband Dongle.


Say goodbye to frustratingly slow connections and hello to uninterrupted downloads, streaming, and browsing. This sleek and compact device allows you to stay connected with reliable 3G coverage wherever you go.

Stay Connected on the Go: The Vodafone K4203 mobile broadband dongle makes it easier than ever to stay connected when you're on the go. Enjoy fast, secure access to the internet from anywhere with a 3G connection, so you can work, stream content, and stay in touch with friends and family without any hassles.

Compact and Portable Design: Don't let its small size fool you! This compact dongle is designed for maximum portability and convenience. It fits easily into your pocket or bag, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Plus, it's lightweight and easy to use - just plug in your SIM card and start surfing the web!

High Speed Connectivity: Get online quickly and easily with this dongle's high speed connectivity. With download speeds of up to 21Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5.76Mbps, streaming video and downloading files is a breeze. Plus, enjoy reliable connections even in areas with weak signals thanks to its advanced antenna technology.

Hassle Free Setup: No more headaches trying to set up your internet connection - this dongle comes pre-configured for easy setup. Just plug it in and follow the instructions on the included user guide to get online in minutes!

Secure Data Transfer: Keep your data safe and secure with this dongle's advanced encryption technology. Your information is protected from hackers, viruses, malware, identity theft, and other malicious attacks while you're browsing the web or transferring files over public networks.

Upgrade your mobile broadband experience with the Vodafone K4203 Mobile Broadband Dongle today.

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About Condition

Preloved devices work as well as the new ones but may be missing some of the pretty packaging (that inevitably ends up in the trash anyway.). They come with all the accessories you need. The best part about selecting preloved is that you're making
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Technical Spec

* (3G)HSPA+/UMTS 2100MHz or 2100/850MHz

* (2G)GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz

* Speed HSUPA 2Mbps/HSDPA 7.2M

* Receive Diversity: 2100MHz or 2100/850MHz

* Mini USB interface

* Supporting USB 2.0 Full Speed

* Built-in Antenna

* Status LED indicators

* Support PC voice (optional) and SMS services

* Support data statistics

* Micro SD card reader (up to 4GB)

* Plug & Play

* Dimensions: 88mm× 27mm× 11.6mm

* Weight: 40g

* Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Mac Operating Systems


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