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Anti-Theft, Waterproof, Laptop Backpack with USB Port from Kogan.

Anti-Theft, Waterproof, Laptop Backpack with USB Port from Kogan.

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The Anti-Theft Fortress Backpack with USB Port keeps your stuff safe from damage & pickpockets!

With breathable back material that makes it comfortable to wear all day long.

  • Hidden zippers so thieves can’t find your valuables!
  • Shock, stain and water-resistant design
  • USB charging port
  • Multi-divider structure design for an organised storage space
  • Breathable back material and internal weight balance for superior comfort
  • Easily attach to suitcases with rear luggage strap
  • Illuminating safety strips provides added security at night
  • 3 hidden pockets
  • Need a power bank? Check out our range here

Never fear, the Anti-Theft Fortress Backpack with USB Port is here! Every traveller’s worst nightmare is losing their passport while in a foreign country, but with the Anti-Theft Fortress Backpack you’ll never need to worry about your belongings being stolen again. 

The multi-divider structure of the backpack makes it easy to organise and arrange your things, and the number of hidden zippers and compartments that you can use to store your valuable items makes it almost impossible for would-be thieves to access your belongings.

Your ultimate travel companion.

The Anti-Theft Fortress Backpack comes equipped with a USB charging port that will help you keep your phone and other devices charged. The strategically located hidden pockets also allow you to easily access credit cards, passports and more without having to take off your backpack.

Designed to perfection.

Made with strong, durable, water and shock resistant materials, the Anti-Theft Fortress Backpack keeps your valuables protected from the elements while you’re out and about. On top of that, its balanced and lightweight design provides all-day comfort.

In the box

1 x Anti-Theft Fortress Backpack

1 x USB Cable

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Technical Spec


Dimensions:      44 x 10 x 32 cm

Weight:               0.9kg


Colour:               Black/Grey

Material:            Oxford fabric with special waterproof treatment

Shock Resistant: Yes

Stain Resistant:  Yes

Water Resistant: Yes


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