Confused by 5G? Here's the A-Z!

Confused by 5G? Here's the A-Z!

Superfast 5G is taking the UK by storm and getting better year on year but most people don't really understand what it is or why it might be worth considering. Hopefully, this little guide will help!

What is 5G home broadband?

5G broadband is revolutionising home and office broadband! People all over the country are accessing incredible internet speeds in locations that are still struggling with ADSL!

5G broadband means you get superfast internet without the need for an ISP or landline. So, instead of getting tied into a long-term contract with your ISP, check out your mobile network’s 5G PAYG data options, so you won’t need a phone contract!

The UK’s 5G network is constantly growing and for many, 5G home broadband is proving to be a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional fixed line broadband!

Is 5G broadband actually any good?

5G broadband means faster downloads and higher quality streaming. It also means multiple people in a household can use the internet at the same time without putting a strain on your connection.

However, it's known to have a less reliable connection than fixed-line broadband, due to the weaker signal 5G offers compared to an uninterrupted cable connection. Plus, it's only on offer in places where 5G is available, which is usually urban areas and cities. So if you're looking for a broadband connection you can consistently count on, a normal broadband deal may be better.

How exactly do 5G routers work?

They work in much the same way as a traditional broadband router but require a 5G SIM and need to be plugged into a power source. Since they don’t need to be connected to a phone line, you’re free to place them wherever the signal is best in your home.

Installing a 5G router

Most 5G routers are straightforward to set up. Pop in the SIM, plug in, power on, go through the setup process, select its Wi-Fi network on your device and enter the password.

It’s best to tweak your network's APN settings to get the best possible connection. You can usually get these from customer service or on the networks website. Also, best to place your 5G router near a window - as thick walls can interfere with signal strength.

If there’s an app available from your 5G broadband provider, it might be able to give you some additional insight as to where to place your 5G router in order to get the best signal.

Some 5G routers will already have a SIM card pre-installed, so you can start browsing as soon as you plug it in, switch it on and connect. But depending on which provider you choose, you may have to insert the SIM card yourself. This is really quick and straightforward.

What in the world is a 5G dongle?

A 5G dongle is a mobile internet device that connects you to a 5G signal. There are two types of 5G dongles: USB dongles, which plug into a USB device like a laptop, and MiFi dongles, which are highly portable units that let multiple (5-10) devices connect via WiFi.

These dongles are lightweight and highly portable, making them a great option if you need internet connectivity on the go.

How fast are 5G speeds in the UK?

5G speeds in the UK are anywhere from 100Mbp – 1000Mbs! But on average about 300Mbps. To put that into perspective, 300Mbps would download ten seasons of an average Sitcom in just nine minutes, versus almost two hours on a 24Mbps 4G connection.

Speeds depend on several factors such as your location and your network provider. There are an increasing number of networks offering 5G broadband and their coverage and speed may vary. Its best to check your network and see how close their mast is to your router.

5G coverage in the UK?

Cell Mapper is a great site to get information about network coverage. As the site’s information is crowded sourced, it might not be 100% up to date but we’ve found it very useful.

Also, if you have a 5G SIM in your phone and want to check the speed in your area, is a great site to run a speed test.

You can also check out the network coverage of the main mobile operators below:

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